What were the best web design trends from 2014?

2014 Web Design Trends

It is likely that a constant stream of new web-design trends will continue to emerge. They can easily distract or sideline your efforts, so it is important to be able to detect grass-root trends which are vital to your business from fads which can safely be ignored. Taking a look at where you’ve been gives some idea of which trends are likely to continue.

How do you judge how good a website is? The purpose of any website is to communicate effectively, and this provides an excellent yardstick to screen emerging trends.

It should also be possible to get the basics of a website with a brief scan. Your visitors are often in a hurry, and don’t appreciate sites where it is difficult to extract the nitty-gritty information quickly.

We have mentioned some popular techniques below, but just remember: a website is an exercise in effective communication. Anything which can interfere or distract from your message should be avoided. Some of the most profitable websites are extremely basic, but send a clear message.

Responsive Designs

These cater for users who surf the Web on mobile devices. Many countries already have more than 50% of surfers using mobiles, and the numbers are increasing for all countries. This is a fundamental change in the way people access the Net, and you will lose a lot of your visitors if your site does not handle mobile accesses..

Parallax Designs

Startling and impressive at first sight, but slow-loading and likely to distract from communication. A fad which is likely to fade. They are not mobile-friendly and usually cannot be scanned quickly. In our opinion parallax designs are ultimately doomed to be ignored by most visitors (just like most sliders), so if you are relying on a beautiful design to hold your visitors’ interest, then your site is in trouble.

Minimalist Designs

Great art, but poor communication. If your visitors have to guess at your message, they may guess wrong. Don’t make them think about what you mean – tell them clearly. This doesn’t have to be so, and this trend can be useful if coupled with good web copy.

Flat Designs

These can help to emphasise your message and offer minimum distraction. An uncluttered, quick-loading, format which offers many positives. Unfortunately, many examples do not convey a clear message.

3D Effects, Flat Design Elements, and Other Enhancements

Anything which can make your site easier to use or improve communication without affecting response times is welcome. These aren’t really design trends so much as improved graphical techniques. However, beware of anything new which is not handled equally well by all the different browsers.

Lazy Loading of Pages and Animations.

This is a useful technique which helps you to add interest for very little penalty when loading your pages. However, don’t get carried away by all the gimmicks and neglect the basic message you send. Tags, headlines, and copy are still the most crucial elements of an effective web page.

How to navigate 2015.

If you have a website redesign scheduled for 2015, make sure you’ve researched many options before choosing a web design partner as many of them will not only go along with the most fashionable trends at the time, but will actively promote the ones that cost the most to develop. In order to justify the investment you’re making in your new website, you’ll want real ROI, Ie. measurable results not just a pretty set of bells and whistles.

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