How to avoid 2015′s Web Design Pitfalls

2015′s Web Design Pitfalls

One thing is sure about 2015 web design: there will be many innovations to consider.

After all, millions of designers all over the world are busy coming up with new ideas, some of which will become popular. This means that you need to have some way of deciding whether an idea is worthwhile or not. Here are some ideas which may help you make better decisions

Know What You Want -The first and most important point is to know what you expect from your website. Anything that will help those aims can be tested, the others are not worth wasting time on. You have limited time and money, and can’t afford to waste either.

Stick to the Basics – Don’t get sidetracked by dazzling new developments. Most of them will eventually fail, and you can afford to wait awhile. The one exception is changes required to keep up with the technology, such as responsive pages to cater for mobiles. Avoid complex ideas which may distract for your visitors

Keep Your Users Interested – Anything which increases active engagement is worth a closer look. the idea is to keep them reading further until they finally decide.

Don’t be in too much of a Hurry to Make Changes – As long as you are getting good results, you can afford to bide your time. If there is a problem, make sure you know what is causing it and don’t get panicked: make sure you know what the problem is before making changes, and test each change.

Pace Yourself – If you make a lot of changes at once, you won’t know which are working and which not. There is software to let you do A/B testing before you commit to a change – use what is available, otherwise you won’t know which changes are doing the job.

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