|Discovery + Build

First, discover all the options

Sometimes, but not often, clients know exactly what they want. More often than not, there isn’t time nor resources available to solve all the problems they face. We understand this and because it’s of mutual benefit, we offer what we call a ‘Discovery Package’.

The aim of it is to save both time and money and help the client keep better control. We don’t define the exact project requirements upfront and provide a quote based on that, instead we aim to discover the solution with the client.

Lots of questions are asked, lots of ideas are offered. A fresh perspective and a deep understanding of the latest technologies, as well as the possibilities they offer, means that, on the completion of the Discovery, everyone is on the same page. Designs and interfaces are complete, prototypes are functioning and the client has a crystal clear vision of their product. Only then do we progress to development.


Streamlined development.

We can quote more accurately because we know the full extent of the project following the discovery process.

The client is not obligated to continue with us necessarily, they may take the development elsewhere, and they will now have the specification to do so.

Having said that, there are certainly pros to our development phase. Having completed the discovery process, we will be very familiar with every detail of the project and our clients will have a good idea of what it is like to work with us by then.

Because we work so closely together, we have a very clear and direct communication channel as well as a broad skill set that covers a vast range of technology requirements and more often than not, the quickest path to completion is through us.



Training and support

With every project we build, we include one months technical support as well as scheduled in-house training for staff.

It is vitally important that our clients have the ability to update their sites frequently. It is not only critical for their users but for SEO as well.

Where ever possible, we use modern and easy-to-use CMS structures, making site maintenance a pleasure. We offer technical support to get all the loose ends tied up, to fix any hidden bugs as soon as possible and to answer any queries that may come up.

To summarize

By splitting the discovery and the build, the client gains several things.

Complete control over the design phase where their input is both valuable and required.
Have access to industry experts to bounce ideas off and collaborate with.
The project is completely solved and defined before the expensive part of the project commences, eliminating the extra cost and delay associated with scope creep.
Because the process is split, the client has the option to get the project developed elsewhere if they’d like to.
 The development is only quoted for at the completion of the discovery ensuring both the quote and the timeline are accurate.
 Staff training and one month of support comes standard with the build phase.